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Hi minions!

This past weekend the C3 team attended Pacific Media Expo – an Asian entertainment convention in Los Angeles, CA. The convention itself was a blast and we had the opportunity to meet a ton of amazing cosplayers and fans! Check out our video coverage of the convention here:

The weekend also included two amazing photoshoots!

First, we headed out to the Old Zoo at Griffith Park on Saturday morning to shoot an amazing Gotham City Sirens group, featuring myself as Poison Ivy, Angi Viper as Catwoman, Steffy Quinn as Harley Quinn, and Lon Brown as Batman:

And on Sunday, I was finally able to get some great shots of my Kasumi costume from the videogame series Dead or Alive!

Matta ne~~!



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Hi minions!

I just got back from Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention ~ an annual comic convention held at the Long Beach Convention Center. It’s a fairly medium-sized convention, which is truly great, because it’s large enough to attract a lot of fantastic guests and artist, but small enough to interact with a lot of people and not get completely overwhelmed!

Of course, the most exciting part of this weekend for me was finally unveiling my most recent costume – Emma Frost (classic White Queen) from X-Men!! If you guys like this costume, then forward all of your thanks to my editor at JapanCinema.net ~ the only reason I made this costume is because he asked me to! As always, you can see more images on my Facebook page =)



I also got to meet and cosplay with the wonderful Lady Lynn!! She commissioned a Psylocke outfit from me (shown above) and looked absolutely amazing in it!! You can check out her cosplay work here: Lady Lynn Cosplay

As usual, here are some post-con videos and updates for you:

You can see me as Emma Frost and Angi Viper as Dark Phoenix getting catty in NerdReactor‘s coverage of LBCC:

AND, super exciting, both my Emma Frost and Cheetara costumes are featured on io9.com’s coverage of LBCC! I read this blog every day and was SHOCKED to see my face on their front page today, LOL!!

This upcoming weekend, I’ll be attending Pacific Media Expo here in Los Angeles and have several NEW costumes to unveil (again!)! Stay tuned!





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Hey everyone!

The full set of images from my Psylocke photoshoot it now up on my Facebook! Check it out!

I am also running a fundraiser for a new latex costume – http://www.constantineintokyo.com/donate – There are some pretty nifty donation rewards!

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This past weekend, my friend Angi Viper and I did a few cosplay photoshoots and I made a quick behind-the-scenes video!

We photographed Psylocke vs. Black Canary (for a Marvel/DC mash-up) and then ‘Dark’ Psylocke vs. Psylocke. In the video, you can see me acting like a silly geek and showing off my totally rad dance moves.


Check it out!

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Hey Minions!

This past weekend, Angi Viper and I went to the 2012 ThunderCon / Power-Con over in Torrance, CA – a convention dedicated solely to He-Man, She-Ra (Masters of the Universe) and THUNDERCATS!!

Click to see more after the cut…


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Day One of our coverage of Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo is now live on the C^3 YouTube channel! Please ‘Like, Comment and Subscribe’!

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Hi everyone!

James from ThreeDegressOffCenterProductions made an awesome Comikaze Expo 2012 video! You should really watch it (Hint: it gets EXTRA AWESOME at 1:30).

It was really great to meet/work with him on Saturday, please check out the other cool videos on his YouTube Channel. =)



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