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Apparently, as Bill informed me this weekend, Labor Day is the last day of summer. So to bid Summer 2008 farewell, Hidefumi and I set off on Saturday morning to do some swimming down at Cape Cod. Unfortunately we were thwarted by some rain and cold wind and instead of swimming at the beach we ate gelato and had some southern BBQ. However, the sun cleared up to welcome a living god to Massachusetts. David Beckham came to Gillette Stadium on Saturday. Oh yeah, the rest of the LA Galaxy came too. Despite the best efforts of super-fast #10 Donovan and Beckham, our New England Revolutions held their own and the game ended as a 2-2 tie.

Thankfully the sun came back out on Sunday. Bill, Aaron and I headed indoors to get a serious climbing workout at MetroRock in Everett, MA. Even though I’ve become somewhat of an outdoor purist, MetroRock is a big indoor gym with some fun, uber-technical routes that definitely challenge you as a climber. I was quickly owned by Aaron (who only started climbing three months ago) as he threw down several 5.10a’s and then jumped on some even harder stuff that I’ve since repressed to protect my fragile ego. Even Bill climbed well, despite the fact that he had spent the previous two days binge drinking at the beach with his friends.

Constantine the beer thief, hard at work

Later Bill and I dropped off Aaron and headed to Hull, MA to continue Bill’s binge drinking weekend. After pulling two thirty packs of beer and the supplies for Irish Car Bombs to the beach, it was time to make a serious bonfire and burn some shit down with the members of On Broken Wings and Bill’s other friends. The rest of the evening will remain censored. I will say that I can never drink Irish Car Bombs ever again…they are eviiiiiiil.

Monday we got up bright and early, refueled at Stars Diner (while I silently nursed a hangover) and then went straight to the harbor to kayak. We went from Hull over to George’s Island and looked at the old Revolutionary War forts on the island and angered tourists with our half-naked, beach bum behavior. Kayaking was awesome, but very tiring and now my arms are LIKE NOODLES. I rue tomorrow morning when I wake up and feel how sore I am. Goodbye Summer!


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