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New YouTube Vlog!

Hi everyone! Thanks so much to the new subscribers on my Constantine In Tokyo YouTube channel – there are now over 500 of you, which is pretty radass! Also – according to WordPress I have 20 new followers on this blog. So BIG kudos to you, you guys are infinitely amazing because you actually READ. ;)

You can watch the new video here:

I will also be returning to movie reviews and will start filming new ones ASAP.
Do any of you have suggestions for movies that you would like to see reviewed in the HORROR and/or ASIAN FILM genres?



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Hi everyone! As I mentioned, one of the new projects I’m starting is called C^3 Convention Coverage (Constantine Convention Coverage) on YouTube. It’s convention and cosplay-related, and I’m hoping to produce more fun and entertaining videos for you guys in the upcoming months. (If you look over to the side bar, you can find a list of the conventions I will be attending)

I know you aren’t ALL interesting in cosplay/geeky cons, but please check out our first video! If you do like the video, please please please ‘Comment,’ ‘Like,’ or even ‘Subscribe’ to the channel!!

Thanks so much!!



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New YouTube Video!!!!

WOW! So cool! You can see how OLD I’ve gotten since my last video

Please submit your questions to me!!

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I’m Back!

Alright you guys – good news!! I’M BACK

I know what you’re thinking – “Whatever Constantine, you’ve said this before and every time is was a filthy LIE.” Well, not this time. I’m back and this means you’ll be getting tons of new stuff!

What new stuff?





So stay tuned, as lots of things will be going up and changing!!

For now, I am filming a new YouTube video on Friday and I’d love it if you guys could submit some questions for me to answer. These questions can be about anything – silly or serious. If you need some help thinking of questions, the YouTube video will involve COSPLAY and ALCOHOL, so that might give you an idea of what sort of shenanigans I’m looking for.

You can post the questions here as in response to this post OR you can email them to me at constantineintokyo@gmail.com

I’m looking forward to seeing some rad questions!!

Can’t wait? Well, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter (NonStopToTokyo) or ‘Like’ my new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ConstantineInTokyo

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