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Yes, during Obama’s recent visit to Japan he bowed to the Emperor. Sparking the dumbest controversy EVER.

I'm just using you to limber up for China

Yes, Obama bowed. Clearly, this must be some sort of alpha male sig of submission. Because no American would ever try to show any cultural sensitivity to an important figure from another country.

But wait, it gets better – THE EMPEROR DIDN’T BOW BACK! Thus revealing to the Emperor Obama’s (and by extension – America’s) weakness. If this doesn’t led to a redo of WWII then I don’t know what will. But hey, the Emperor doesn’t bow to anybody – he’s the Emperor. Let’s reference some imperial propaganda (ahem, Kokutai no hongi) – everyone is a subject of the Emperor (including Obama and Paris Hilton). The Japanese imperial line runs back from time immemorial to the great sun goddess Ameterasu. So unless Obama can pull out a lineage that trumps that (Zeus, perhaps?), then he isn’t going to get a bow.

I honestly can’t believe that the American media spent as much time on this as they did.


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